In light of the significant economic and logistical impacts of COVID-19 around the world, the leading associations for the DIY, home improvement and garden industries: EDRA/GHIN (European DIY Retail Association/Global Home Improvement Network), representing over 216 international retailers, and HIMA (Home Improvement Manufacturers Association), representing over 850 international supplier and manufacturing companies, would like to take this opportunity to positively encourage fair and constructive collaboration between retailers and manufacturers in these uncertain times. COVID-19 has had an extraordinary impact on supply chains globally. In order to maintain a regular supply of goods to consumers, retailers and manufacturers must work jointly to find practical solutions.

In their joint statement both John Herbert, General Secretary of EDRA/GHIN, and Ralf Rahmede, General Manager of HIMA, have highlighted that solutions that take all parties into consideration have to be sought. Moreover, they are convinced that the home improvement industry should aim to reduce disruptions caused by COVID-19 as much as possible and act as an exemplar to other industries.

John W. Herbert, General Secretary EDRA/GHIN, stated:

“The World has gone through unprecedented change in the last 18 months, and our essential retail business is one that has reacted proactively and has grown to be seen in a new light in these pandemic times. Governments, Regulators and the General Public now all see the DIY, home improvement and garden industries as essential to quality-of-life living. We have had the good fortune of people rediscovering their homes and to maintain this momentum we must continue to act together collaboratively to overcome any supply chains issues we encounter.”

Ralf Rahmede, General Manager HIMA, expressed:

“These are very difficult times. Suppliers and manufacturers in our sector are working hard to avoid supply chain disruptions and to ensure their production and logistics are keeping up with current demand. Understanding and flexibility are the key elements for cooperation between all industry stakeholders in order to overcome any obstacles. We sincerely encourage everyone to respect contractual agreements and to act fairly with one another.”

Read the full joint statement on the importance of stable partnerships in the home improvement Industry here.

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